The New Covenant || Behind the Scenes


Set Building for “The New Covenant” with the COF crew.

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An Intimate Behind the Scenes Look At the Rehearsal Process for “The New Covenant.”

The rehearsal process for “The New Covenant” was a lengthy one.  The toughest part however, was getting all of the disciples together in one room on the same day!  Needless to say, when we finally achieved rounding up all thirteen men for a our first full cast rehearsal, we all cheered, sung, danced, and then Xavier Garcia (Producer/Writer/Director)  drilled them to the point of exhaustion.  Xavier Garcia, was teamed up with the ever so talented Michaila Cowie (Stage Manager) to put together this amazing event.  But the truth of the fact is that the entire cast and crew was constantly and continuously praying through the entire production as we all bowed down and gave ourselves fully away to the grace and mercy of God.  This would not have been possible without fasting, intercession and heavy dosages of the word being exhorted daily.  Likewise, Family Life Christian Training Center was monumental in helping us achieve this theatrical production.  Without their generous support physically, financially and spiritually, as the glue that bound together this amazing team effort, we would have been scrambling to correctly put together this amazing story of our Lord Jesus Christ.  So take some time to enjoy the rehearsal process below and truly do enjoy this labor of Love from your brothers & sisters in Christ at Cast of Faith Ministries!