The New Covenant

On the week of Easter April 2015 Cast of Faith Ministries recreated the events that took place the night of Jesus’ Last Supper, over 2000+ years ago, in Ancient Jerusalem in an effort to show the world The Son of God’s passion for us, His bride to be. A Biblically accurate and spiritually anointed recreating of that pinnacle night’s events; from Jesus’ sending of Peter & John to prepare the Passover feast to His betrayal by one of His own.

For this theater-in-the-round presentation Cast of Faith brought to life the events that took place in the upper room between Jesus and His disciples and the secret meetings between Judas and the Temple Priests. Every inch of historical detail was taken into account as Jesus lead the audience in a Seder celebration, the taking of communion, the washing of the feet and the upper room discourse on love. It was an interactive and intimate presentation with key moments in both ancient Aramaic and English. Both the audience and the disciples broke bread together and experienced the events of that fateful night.


Jesus As A Servant[1] Body Broken For You[1] Prayer for His Body[1] Narrator[1]  Peter Denies Jesus[1] Jesus Is The New Covenant[1] Disciples Listen To The Teacher[1] Sanhedrin[1]