Behind the World of “ARMOR OF GOD”

The journey we’ve had as a ministry in the course of this short film’s production has been amazing!  Now, I’m not just saying that because here we are looking at a polished piece of work that accomplishes our greatest ministerial goal: to glorify our awesome, amazing, wonderful God.  I’m saying that because throughout the process of individual hearts coming together, pooling in their talents and giftings in an effort to love on the father and carrying out the great commission;  God very much loved on us back.

The film itself is packed with so much truth regarding our faith walk and the spirit-realm we face daily that to try and just give it all to you in one giant spoonful would be to do you a disservice.  So we’ve dedicated this page to digging deep into the World of “Armor of God” and hopefully uncovering, discussing and highlighting key aspects of this film, our journey with it and the impact this film already has had on your life – whether or not you chose to see it, acknowledge it, or believe it.

Let’s pray before we enter into a study of His Word –

Dear Father. Daddy God,

You’re the Alpha & the Omega Lord, and as much as You were with us, blessing us and loving on us, throughout the making of this film, You are with the person sitting on the other side of this screen.  Holy Spirit, I ask you to bring to this moment a freshness of clarity, understanding, and discernment of your word, of this film and of this time where we share your truth: Christ Jesus.  As we dig into your heart, as we dig into the spiritual realm in which we live; God i ask that you reveal to us your divine creativity, your purpose and your will for our lives.  Massage our hearts that they may not harden to the message of the Gospel.  Invigorate our desire to have more of you!  And give us this day the Rhema of your word.  Give us this day the warmth of your embrace and lead us to where your Holy Spirit has called us.  In Jesus’ mighty and beautiful name we pray!


God Bless You!
Detective Steve Hye (Thomas Grower) is assigned a new partner, David Martinez (Jonathan Garcia). Hye’s retirement day happens to be Martinez’ first day of training and the two experience some very difficult scenarios that can only be explained one way. Hye, open’s up to Martinez about the mysteries of the Gospel, the supernatural, the Armor of God and the Love of Jesus. But is any of this enough to save his life?

Cast of Faith Crew || Armor of God Filming



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